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Thankful License Defense Client

I spoke with a few different firms prior to my conversation with Mrs. Heinlein. Her personality and legal expertise were an oasis of hope during a tumultuous time. She was, and is, a warm, empathetic, honest, supportive, intellectually gifted, forthright, and highly dedicated individual. She is exactly what I needed and I can't recommend her enough. I want to note one instance that, for me, sums up the type of person Mrs. Heinlein is. The culmination of events inevitably got the best of me and, during one of our conversations, I had a pretty significant meltdown. Crying, feeling sorry for myself, the whole nine yards. She listened to me, was patient, calm, and spoke to me as a human being and not, "just another client". This may not mean much to others, but for me, her response demonstrated that, above all else, she understood and truly cared about my wellbeing. As stated earlier, I cannot recommend her enough. She was my rock and, regardless of outcome, I will forever be grateful for having her by my side.

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