Minneapolis Chiropractor License Lawyer

Chiropractor License Lawyer

Chiropractic License at Risk?

You need a powerful legal voice

Are you a chiropractor who has received a letter of allegations or notice of investigation from the Minnesota Board of Chiropractic Examiners? Are you being accused of misconduct or other issues? Do not handle this alone – get help from our experienced, chiropractic license defense lawyers at Lord + Heinlein.

Experienced and Trusted

We understand how valuable your chiropractic license is to you. If it is in jeopardy you need a skilled attorney by your side. In order to protect yourself you need a lawyer who can explain the allegations, their potential impact, and how the defense process works. You need a lawyer who will fiercely advocate on your behalf to ensure your side of the story is told. You also deserve a lawyer who is invested in your case – one who listens and partners with you to achieve the best possible outcome. If you need an experienced and invested attorney to defend your chiropractic licence, contact Lord + Heinlein today.

Why Choose Lord + Heinlein

  • We listen – Our personal attention uncovers key details other miss
  • We partner with you – Our investment in you and your case provides peace of mind through the entire process
  • We are experienced and trusted – We have successfully defended hundreds of professional licenses
  • We use a team approach – We collaborate to determine the best strategy for your case
  • We are easy to reach – Your attorney is always accessible

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