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Motorcycle Crash Victim: $299,728.00 Settlement

A woman client was on a motorcycle outing driving northbound on County Road 101 approaching its intersection with 14th Avenue in Plymouth, Hennepin County, Minnesota. An individual driving a motor vehicle pulled out in front of our client in an attempt to make a left-hand turn from County Road 101 on to 14th Avenue. Although client was able to avoid a collision with the motor vehicle by going around it, she was caused to collide into the motorcycle of her accompanying friend after which she hit the curb and sidewalk, and was thrown from her motorcycle.

Client sustained a severe injury to her left lower leg wherein a large "L" shaped flap of her leg was peeled back, fully exposing the anterior compartment, as well as bone and tendons. She was required to undergo surgery for repair of those injuries, as well as an additional surgery and skin grafting. Woman was left with substantial scarring of her leg which has affected her both physically and emotionally. The case settled for the full liability policy limits of the at-fault driver in the amount of $250,000.00, as well as an additional $49,728.00 from the driver's umbrella policy.

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