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Snowmobile/Truck Crash: $2,400,000 Jury Verdict

Lord & Heinlein won a $2.4 million jury verdict in Crow Wing County Minnesota. Plaintiff snowmobiler, was proceeding north on the Paul Bunyan Trail when a Minnesota Power Company truck which was crossing the trail failed to stop at a DNR stop sign before crossing the trail. Plaintiff argued that the MPC driver did not look down the trail before crossing. The defense argued Plaintiff was speeding and the truck did not have to stop because the DNR stop sign was smaller than regulation size. Plaintiff suffered a broken leg (compound fracture) fractured arm, ribs and trauma and scaring to entire left side and as a result is totally disabled. The jury found the Plaintiff 30% at fault with the net award at $1,687,062. The Defendant's lost on appeal and the verdict was upheld for Plaintiff.

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