What Do I Do if the Department of Human Services is Investigating Me for Maltreatment or Neglect?Dec. 27, 2022

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By Melissa Heinlein, Esq.

Your licensing board is not the only Minnesota agency that may become involved in your practice. The Department of Human Services (DHS) is charged with investigating individuals in direct-contact professions who may have harmed a vulnerable person. As licensed medical professionals or others that work with vulnerable adults or children, you are likely a mandated reporter and must alert DHS of any instances of   […]   Read More »

Biking Safely in WinterNov. 17, 2022

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By Melissa Heinlein, Esq.

As winter approaches and the snow begins to blanket the familiar streets, city bicycle commuters must be even more vigilant for their safety as roadways can be slippery and visibility limited. During winter weather conditions, it is more important than ever to bike defensively on city streets. Motorists may be less likely to spot bikers during snow   […]   Read More »

What Can I Expect If I Report to the Health Professionals Services Program (HPSP)?Nov. 1, 2022

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By Melissa Heinlein, Esq.

When I am contacted by a licensed professional who is having issues with their employer or their board surrounding mental health or chemical dependency, the Health Professionals Services Program (HPSP) will always come up in our first conversation.

The Health Professionals Services Program was put in place over two decades ago to protect Minnesota citizens by providing confidential monitoring for health care workers who have   […]   Read More »

3 Tips for Dealing With a Complaint Against Your PracticeOct. 18, 2022

Complaint Against My Practice

By Melissa Heinlein, Esq.

Learning that a complaint has been filed against your practice is a nerve-wracking experience for any licensed professional. The news typically comes in the form of a letter from your Board and sometimes gives you little or no information about the nature of the complaint. Most licensed professionals who reach out to our office feel panicked, or even ashamed to be the subject of a   […]   Read More »

What Can I Do When Nurse Staffing Shortages Result in Patient Care Concerns?Oct. 4, 2022

overwhelmed nursed

By Melissa Heinlein, Esq.

For nearly ten years I have been representing Minnesota nurses, including RNs, LPNs, and CNAs, who describe their work environments as hectic, under-staffed, and poorly supervised. Too frequently this is how nurses describe their work environments at our Minnesota nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and hospitals. You nurses have a demanding job, both physically and emotionally. I appreciate your work and want to be sure   […]   Read More »

Distracted Driving is Still a Huge ProblemSep. 7, 2022

Distracted Driving

By Melissa Heinlein, Esq.

We have spoken in the past about how Minnesota has passed a "hands-free" cell phone bill that would prevent anyone who is operating a vehicle from accessing their phones or other electronic devices without the use of a "hands-free" adaptor such as Bluetooth. It goes without saying that we should all remain diligent about avoiding being distracted while driving. Distracted driving not only puts yourself   […]   Read More »

Who will help me after I have been injured in a car accident? | No-Fault Series, Part 4: Replacement ServicesAug. 24, 2022

Car Accident Lawyer

Who will help me after I have been injured in a car accident?

No-Fault Series, Part 4: Replacement Services

By Melissa Heinlein, Esq.

After you have been injured in a car accident, who will take care of all your household chores that you are unable to do? Will family, friends, or hired help step in to ease the burden of childcare, cleaning, snow removal, and other essential tasks? If   […]   Read More »

Dos and Don'ts of Hiring an Accident AttorneyAug. 10, 2022

accident lawyer

When hiring a Minneapolis accident attorney, there is a lot to consider. You want someone you can trust who can give you the representation you deserve. Here are few dos and donts to help you make the right decision.

Do hire an attorney. Whether you have been injured by   […]   Read More »

Why were my No-Fault benefits discontinued? | No-Fault Series, Part 3: Termination of No Fault BenefitsJul. 28, 2022

why kei 8e2gal GIE8 unsplash

Why were my No-Fault benefits discontinued? 

No-Fault Series, Part 3: Termination of No Fault Benefits

As discussed in part 2 of our No-Fault blog series, the No-Fault benefits offered through your auto insurance will be your first line of coverage if you are injured in an accident. Minnesota law requires your automobile insurance policy to provide a minimum of $20,000 worth of medical expenses coverage for reasonable, necessary, and accident-related treatment   […]   Read More »

What Should I Do If I am Injured by a Dog Bite?Jul. 13, 2022

Dog park

By Melissa Heinlein, Esq.

During summertime in Minnesota we emerge from our winter hibernation to soak in some vitamin D and spend some precious time outside enjoying the warm and sunny season. As a dog lover, I enjoy the opportunity to spend more time outdoors with my dog, Lucky and our office pup, Diva. But, I am always reminding myself that just because I am a dog lover, this does not mean   […]   Read More »

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