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Injured Due to a Failed Knee Replacement Implant?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates medical devices, but that does not guarantee their safety. When done properly, knee replacement devices have positive life-changing benefits. However, failed or defective knee replacement implants have caused great harm to many people. Typically, knee replacement implant failures result when the device itself was poorly designed, and/or infections develop as a result of the defective nature of the implant. Often, individuals harmed by defective knee replacements undergo painful revision surgeries and/or extensive treatment for severe infections that have developed as a result of the defective device. Individuals who have been harmed by defective knee replacement products may be entitled to compensation for their losses. If you or a family member developed complications as a result of a defective knee replamcent product, Lord + Heinlein can help.

There are numerous brands and types of knee replacement products that may be responsible for causing harm including DuPuy products and Zimmer Persona Knee Replacement Systems. Call us today with the brand and model of the knee replacement device used in your surgery and a summary of your injuries, and we will provide you with a free case evaluation.

Experienced and Tough Minnesota Knee Replacement Device Lawyers

You need a lawyer who will fight for you. You need a lawyer with the experience and stamina to advocate for you throughout your class action lawsuit. During this long and complex process, you also deserve a lawyer who is personally invested in your case – one who listens and is by your side every step of the way. If you want a tough and compassionate knee replacement device attorney, contact Lord + Heinlein today.

How We Can Help

•We listen – Our personal attention uncovers key details others miss

•We are tough – We doggedly pursue the best result and are not afraid to take on the big guys, no matter how long it takes

•We are experienced – You get 40+ years of combined legal expertise and a proven track record of success in medical device cases

•We use a team approach – Our team of legal and medical professionals evaluates your case to obtain maximum compensation for you

•We are accessible – Your attorney is always easy to reach

Big Results for Dangerous Medical Device Class Action Cases

At Lord + Heinlein we take on big cases and get big results while providing a level of personal attention most firms cannot match.

If you believe you may have suffered harm due to a faulty knee replacement device, contact us for a free case evaluation.