Who sits on the licensing Boards?

What is the purpose of each Minnesota professional license Board?
Nearly every licensed profession in Minnesota has a Board to oversee the education of and enforce the standards for its licensees. The Boards and their respective practice standards are administrative agencies that are created by and governed through Minnesota state law. These Boards are granted great deference for their expertise about their respective professions, and act as the judge and jury in any matter regarding the safety or fitness of their licensees.

What is the mission of the Minnesota Licensing Boards?

The mission of the Minnesota Licensing Boards is to protect the public, not the licensee (you). It is important that you take any allegations against your license seriously. An experienced license defense attorney can guide you through this stressful and complicated process, prepare you for your hearing, and help you obtain the best possible outcome. An Assistant Attorney General always represents your licensing Board throughout each proceeding: do not go it alone.

What is the make-up of my licensing board?

The Minnesota professional licensing Boards consist of several same-licensed professionals, at various practice levels, and some community or public members who are not licensed professionals.  There are also paid Board staff members, who are not Board members, such as Practice Specialists or administrative support staff, who facilitate disciplinary proceedings. An Assistant Attorney General from the Minnesota Office of the Attorney General, always represents the Board throughout any investigative or disciplinary proceeding.


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