Who will compensate me for my damages?

Since dogs and other animals are considered property, you will look to the animal owner for compensation. You may be able to bring either or both of the following types of claims for compensation:

STRICT LIABILITY CLAIM: Under Minn. Stat. § 347.22, dog owners are liable for the injuries caused by their dog. This is a strict liability statute, which means that the dog owner is always liable unless the victim provoked the dog, or the victim was somewhere they should not lawfully be.

NEGLIGENCE CLAIM: For dogs and other types of animals, there is also a negligence claim against the owner. An owner who fails to exercise reasonable care in controlling their animal is negligent, and liable for injuries the animal causes. For some cases, punitive damages are also available.

If you are successful, the owner, or the owner's homeowner's or rental insurance, will provide payment for your damages.

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