What should I do immediately following an animal attack?

1. Identify, and if possible, isolate the dog/animal. If the animal has ID tags, record the information on the tags.
2. Get the name and contact information for the animal's owner, and any witnesses.
3. Note the location where the attack occurred.
4. Try to determine if the animal has been vaccinated against rabies and other diseases in order to evaluate your risks.
5. Evaluate and clean the wound.
6. If the bite is deep or will not stop bleeding, go immediately to the emergency room for treatment. Seek medical treatment immediately.
7. Following treatment, call Animal Control and the police (911) in the city where you live to report the event.
8. Photograph all injuries, torn or bloody clothing, or other possible evidence.
9. Do not sign anything, offer any apologies, or provide information to insurance companies, adjusters, witnesses or the animal's owner until you have talked to an attorney.

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