What types of accidents are not covered under the no-fault act?

The No-Fault act does NOT cover the following when it comes to vehicle accidents in Minnesota: [Minnesota Statutes 65B.59, 60]
1. Injuries suffered while riding, mounting or alighting from a motorcycle. (Motorcycle owners have to buy specific motorcycle no-fault insurance coverage.) If you own a motorcycle we strongly recommend that you purchase no-fault coverage to ensure that you are protected if you are injured.
2. Intentional injuries (unless the injuries are not intended by the victim).
3. Injuries suffered in the course of an official racing contest.
4. Vehicle owners who are not insured.

There is no requirement that auto insurance companies provide no-fault coverage on motorcycle policies unless you request an additional policy.  You need to talk with your insurance agent about adding no-fault coverage to your motorcycle policy if you wish to be covered in Minnesota 

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