What are the first things I should do if I am in a car, truck, or other motor vehicle accident?

If you are able, do the following immediately:

  1. Get out of your vehicle to solicit help and information from the other driver.
  2. Call the police immediately and ensure a report will be made regardless of the extent of damage to the automobile or the injuries to the drivers and passengers.
  3. Obtain the name of the other driver(s), passengers and witnesses.
  4. Obtain the information of the other driver's insurance information, home address, and phone number(s).
  5. Seek medical treatment immediately.
  6. Call your insurance company to inform them of your accident. They will provide you with an adjuster assigned to your case and a claim number which can be used for billing of medical expenses. If you are injured in an auto/truck crash, you should have your medical treatment billed to your no-fault automobile insurance rather than your health insurance. If your bills exceed $20,000, then have your medical treatment billed to your health insurance.
  7. Contact an attorney to ensure your right to recovery is protected.
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