Who will help me after I have been injured in a car accident? | No-Fault Series, Part 4: Replacement ServicesAug. 24, 2022

Car Accident Lawyer

Who will help me after I have been injured in a car accident?

No-Fault Series, Part 4: Replacement Services

By Melissa Heinlein, Esq.

After you have been injured in a car accident, who will take care of all your household chores that you are unable to do? Will family, friends, or hired help step in to ease the burden of childcare, cleaning, snow removal, and other essential tasks? If   […]   Read More »

Dos and Don'ts of Hiring an Accident AttorneyAug. 10, 2022

accident lawyer

When hiring a Minneapolis accident attorney, there is a lot to consider. You want someone you can trust who can give you the representation you deserve. Here are few dos and donts to help you make the right decision.

Do hire an attorney. Whether you have been injured by   […]   Read More »

Why were my No-Fault benefits discontinued? | No-Fault Series, Part 3: Termination of No Fault BenefitsJul. 28, 2022

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Why were my No-Fault benefits discontinued? 

No-Fault Series, Part 3: Termination of No Fault Benefits

As discussed in part 2 of our No-Fault blog series, the No-Fault benefits offered through your auto insurance will be your first line of coverage if you are injured in an accident. Minnesota law requires your automobile insurance policy to provide a minimum of $20,000 worth of medical expenses coverage for reasonable, necessary, and accident-related treatment   […]   Read More »

What Should I Do If I am Injured by a Dog Bite?Jul. 13, 2022

Dog park

By Melissa Heinlein, Esq.

During summertime in Minnesota we emerge from our winter hibernation to soak in some vitamin D and spend some precious time outside enjoying the warm and sunny season. As a dog lover, I enjoy the opportunity to spend more time outdoors with my dog, Lucky and our office pup, Diva. But, I am always reminding myself that just because I am a dog lover, this does not mean   […]   Read More »

Tips for Bicycles and Cars to Safely Share the RoadJun. 29, 2022

StaySafeInBikeLane Social2

By Melissa Heinlein, Esq.

Minneapolis and St. Paul are very bicycle friendly cities. In our world where bicycles and cars often share the same road, key safety measures should be taken to guarantee the safety of all commuters. As drivers we must be mindful of our cycling friends and as bicyclers must also pay attention to the rules of the road. If either vehicle fails to take the rules   […]   Read More »

What Does My No-Fault Car Insurance Cover? | No-Fault Series, Part 2: Wage Loss BenefitsJun. 1, 2022

What Does My No-Fault Car Insurance Cover?

What Does My No-Fault Car Insurance Cover?

No-Fault Series, Part 2: Wage Loss Benefits

By Melissa Heinlein, Esq.

Welcome to part two of our four part series about no-fault automobile benefits. Today we are answering the commonly asked question: who covers my wage loss if I miss work because of a car accident?

When you've been injured in a car accident that was not your fault, life's biggest stressors collide.   […]   Read More »

How to Purchase and Safely Ride Your MotorcycleMay. 17, 2022

Tips for Safely Riding Motorcycle Minnesota

Things to Consider When Purchasing Your Motorcycle and Tips for Motorcycle Road Safety

Whether buying your first motorcycle, upgrading or just interested in a safer ride, keep these safety tips in mind before hitting the road:

Don't buy more bike than you can handle. When shopping for a bike, start with one that fits you. When seated, you should easily be able to rest both feet flat on the ground without   […]   Read More »

Who pays my medical bills if I'm injured in a car accident? | No-Fault Series, Part 1: Medical BillsMay. 3, 2022

What to do in a car accident mn
If I am injured in a car accident in Minnesota, who will pay my medical bills?

No-Fault Series, Part 1: Medical Bills 

By Melissa Heinlein, Esq.

Most of my clients that have been injured in a car accident have a lot of questions about how their initial medical bills are going to be paid and how the insurance process works. This is part 1 of a 4 part   […]   Read More »

I have been ordered to participate in the Health Professionals Services Program (HPSP) by the Board of Nursing. Am I required to comply?Nov. 23, 2021

Nurse Stressed Board of Nursing HSPS

By Priscilla Lord, Esq.

If you have a chemical use issue or other health issue that may impact your ability to practice, the short answer is yes.

If you are a licensed healthcare worker, such as a nurse, you have a health licensing board (the Minnesota Board of Nursing) which was created to protect the public's health and safety through regulation of each profession's educational, licensure, and   […]   Read More »

A Client-Focused Law Firm with an Impressive Track Record Oct. 8, 2021

Priscilla Lord and Melissa Heinlein

Chances are that if you're reaching out to law firms, you're in a very stressful situation and not feeling like your usual self. We've seen it hundreds of times in both personal injury and professional license defense cases, and we always respond the same way - with compassion. Our goal is to take as much stress off your plate as possible so you can focus on yourself, on healing,   […]   Read More »

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