What Is a Personal Injury Lawyer?Jan. 28, 2016

Being injured in an accident can be distressing. Often, you are left physically, emotionally, and psychologically traumatized. Knowing the law, and what it can do for you, is crucial to get the right compensation and pay the medical bills, if any, associated with your injury. Because the offender can sometimes refuse to resolve the matter in an amicable manner, it is recommended that you contact a lawyer to assist you in the process. A personal injury lawyer in Minneapolis will work with you to ensure that justice is served, so it's important to acquaint yourself with the work of Lord & Associates, a personal injury law firm.

A personal injury lawyer provides the legal representation to individuals who claim to be the subject of injuries, including but not limited to physical, emotional and psychological injury. Every so often, the injury is the result of another's wrongdoing; this could be a company, a person, a physician, an organization, etc. Our attorneys will file litigation when you are harmed, and with the right legal counsel, you can seek justice for the transgression of those who have harmed you.

Our informed lawyers are very experienced and will work with you to provide legal counsel, take your case to trial, or settle out of court for the right compensation. We fight vigorously on your behalf; whether its to restore your health or property, we make sure you are content with the ultimate outcome. Contact us if you have experienced:

  • Fire injury or death

  • Spinal cord injury

  • Bicycle Crash Injury

  • Motorcycle or snowmobile injury

  • Head injury

  • Drunk Driving Injury

  • Dog bite

Though these are some of the frequent types of injuries we encounter, injuries are not limited to this category. It is best that you reach out to apersonal injury lawyer in Minneapolis, Lord & Associates to schedule a meeting. Our lawyers can answer your questions and work with you to get compensation for your injuries.


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