5 Factors for Considering the Worth of Your Injury CaseAug. 8, 2023

Minneapolis Personal Injury Lawyer

After getting hurt in a car accident or other incident where another person or party caused it, you can work with your Minneapolis injury lawyer to get financially compensated. One of the most common types of payments that people receive in these cases is for compensatory damages. This means that the court will award you the monetary amount needed to make you whole once again, or as much as possible. To calculate this amount, you should meet with the lawyers at Lord & Associates who will discuss the following 4 issues in proving up your damages:

Medical Bills

You can be reimbursed for all of the medical bills pertaining to your accident.You should also come up with an estimate for future bills to meet your continued care needs. It's important to keep copies of all of your medical bills in order to help calculate your medical care costs. This includes receipts from your doctor or the hospital, for your prescriptions, and for and medical equipment that you need to use. Your lawyer will help you to gather these records.

Lost Wages

For whatever income you lost while caring for your injuries, you can receive compensation. If you won't be able to return to work, you can also receive future income based on your earning capacity. This becomes especially important when the person who was injured was the main breadwinner for thefamily. You can depend on your lawyer to calculate the amount of income thatyou would have received throughout your lifetime.

Property Loss

In the accident, was any of your property damaged? You can receive compensation to pay to repair or replace the item. Whether it was your vehicle or the clothes on your back, you can speak to your attorney who can evaluate the value of your property to determine the amount that you should seek to reimburse you for the loss of property.

Pain and Suffering

minnesota injury law firmConsider the pain and suffering that you experienced during the incident and ever since it happened. It can be difficult to determine the amount that you should request to cover your pain, but you are at liberty to seek an amount to cover it. It is helpful if you keep a diary on a daily basis to track your pain and how it has affected your daily life. You can also seek financial compensation for your emotional distress, loss of enjoyment, and loss of consortium. The loss of consortium refers to the strain in relationships that you experience with your spouse, children, and other people as a result of the accident.

Punitive Damages

On top of the 4 factors for compensatory damages, the courts may also decide to seek punitive damages against the negligent party. This amount is in effect a way of punishing the negligent party for their actions. The amount is always determined in court, but you can speak with your attorney to determine an amount that you can expect to receive for punitive damages.

From one moment to the next, your life can change due to the negligence of another. If you are not able to receive the compensation discussed above, you can make a claim for your medical bills and lost wages from your own No-Fault benefits from your auto insurance policy. Talk to your Minneapolis injury lawyer for help to determine the worth of your case. You should bring any bills and documents that you have when you meet with your lawyer to help calculate the amount that you should be reimbursed and quantify your pain and suffering.

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