A Dog Bite Lawyer Says 'Don't Take Your Kids to Dog Park!'

Dog Bite Lawyer Minneapolis MNIn taking my dog to dog park, I have noticed that many dog owners who are also parents are bringingtheir little children with them to dog park. I can totally understand why a parent would do that as theylove their dog, trust their dog and dont want to leave their child behind. Because I am a dog owner, aparent and a personal injury attorney who processes dog bite injury cases, I get concerned that many dogsat dog park are not as disciplined as we would not want them to be. In many cases I have seen bigfriendly dogs jump on children and knock them over and try to lick them. Those are the good dogs. Afew unfriendly dogs have been seen trying to push the child over and bite them whether by intent or byaccident. Understand that by taking your child with you to the dog park, you are making them vulnerableto a dog bite which can leave a lasting, humiliating scar or deep wounds on the face or limbs.

My adult daughter has been knocked over half a dozen times by frolicking dogs at the dog park.When achild runs and frolics, dogs will treat them more like prey and be more likely to go after a child withnegative intent.You have a high likelihood of having a negative kid/dog encounter which sets the tonefor a child to be very frightened of dogs for life.

I can count dozens of times I have seen small children leaving the dog park crying and scared.The dogpark is a place for dogs to play but not with little children. There are hundreds of children's parks and if Ilet my dog off leash at one of them, parents would have my head on a platter.

Parents, please think this through and make safe choices for your children by NOT taking them to dogpark.

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